Our mission at Fixxbook is to continually provide our members with value-added products
and services. Below are some business building tools from our featured Partners.


Contractors: Don’t let the high-cost of General Liability insurance keep you from getting service work from top facilities brands.

Many of the world’s leading retail and restaurant brands typically require $2 million in general liability insurance from their contractors. Without it, you won’t be considered for work as a partner. But the high cost of this level of insurance coverage (with premiums as high as $2200 annually!) is a huge expense for most small contractors and has kept them from participating. Until now.

We’ve “fixxed” that!

As the contractor’s advocate, Fixxbook has identified the right underwriter and worked with them to create an affordable Fixxbook group general liability insurance program, called Members’ Edge 2, that ensures that no good contractor is left out of RFPs. Contractors with a completed profile on Fixxbook can now purchase $2 million of General Liability coverage for $400 annually with a 2-year agreement. And you can be approved and have your certificate in as little as 2 hours by phone or online!


Global Risk Management Solutions

Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS) is a recognized leader in providing innovative risk mitigation solutions to companies looking to reduce exposure to global business risk and liability in over 195 countries.
GRMS has created a customized verification program which provides Fixxbook contractors with a trusted, independent “seal of approval” that tells prospects you have gone above and beyond to screen your business and you stand behind your quality of service. Once you receive your verification badge from GRMS, you can make your Fixxbook profile really stand out to prospects who are always looking for reputable contractors they can trust. GRMS will help you show the industry that you mean business about getting business.

For more information, please visit: http://fixxbook.globalrms.com/


One on One Ads

Check out a video of what One on One Ads can do for you. Fixxbook is proud to announce our partnership with One on One Ads, a leading technology company. One on One empowers contractors to enhance their Fixxbook profile and drive leads by generating professional quality HD video commercials and campaigns in a fast, easy and cost-effective way.

Go Canvas Logo


Canvas makes it easy to publish data collection apps on Smartphones and Tablets, enabling professionals to collect and share information using their mobile devices. Fixxbook has partnered with Canvas to turn paper forms like Building Inspections, HVAC Inspections, Estimates, Change Orders, and much more, into mobile apps that work on Android, Blackberry, Apple, and Windows mobile devices. Every Canvas application is customizable by the end user, and comes with GPS / location, image capture, electronic signatures and accessibility to a customer’s own data like parts catalogs. To date, Canvas has automated over 400,000 manual processes / paper forms, making it one of the fastest growing mobile app services for businesses.

To view the Fixxbook App Store, please visit: www.gocanvas.com/fixxbook

My Trade Network

My Trade Network

MyTradeNetwork.com specializes in helping small to medium contracting businesses grow. It is a place where Insurance Agents and Contractors are brought together for mutual benefit and where they can obtain products and services that will assist them in running their respective businesses more efficiently. MyTradeNetwork.com provides continuing education resources for contractors, contractor leads, safety certification and insurance programs that can be offered to their clients at affordable prices and give them the edge over the competition and increase their client retention. For Contractors it is also a place where they can receive tools that will dramatically increase effectiveness in running their contracting businesses. It is a place where Contractors can receive job referrals, licensing and certification assistance, insurance referrals, bonds, and more. In essence, MyTradeNetwork.com is a networking facilitator for the industry nationwide — a hub and a resource center for the construction industry and the construction insurance industry. It is more important now than ever that we network and use all the resources at our disposal to help grow business in this country.

For more information, please visit: www.MyTradeNetwork.com

Avalara logo


Avalara is an end-to-end transaction tax management company using its internally developed innovative, patented technology to automate statutory tax compliance. A trailblazer in delivering sales tax solutions via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Avalara transforms a process that was previously economically unfeasible for small and mid-sized businesses to be not just affordable to businesses of all sizes, but more accurate and lightning fast than ever thought possible. As a Fixxbook partner, they’re here to help Fixxbook members reduce the errors of manual sales tax processing.

For more information, please visit: www.avalara.com/Partners/fixxbook

background checks logo


Backgroundchecks.com serves thousands of customers nationwide, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies by providing comprehensive screening services. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with an Eastern Operations Center in Chapin, S.C., backgroundchecks.com is home to one of the largest online criminal conviction databases in the industry.

For more information about backgroundchecks.com’s business offerings, please visit: www.backgroundchecks.com